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Clutter. We all know what the word means, too much stuff. Clutter elicits ideas of a mess, stuff everywhere that you need and don't need, that you want and that you have no idea where it came from.

When you are moving, before packing up your San Diego home, you might want to take the time to find what is worth keeping in the move and what might be ready to be let go of. By doing this and sorting through your belongings, from big to small, it will allow you to take stock of what you've got and perhaps even uncover a few items that have been misplaced or you had forgotten about in storage.

Before you start to go through your things remember that this is a long and arduous task so be sure to allot a good amount of your day and remain as patient as you can be.

Start by picking a room, and stick with that room. The more organized you are with performing this in an orderly fashion the easier it will be. First go through any drawers, files and shelving to uncover what resides in them. You will undoubtedly find numerous papers and these can be stacked neatly to be sorted through after you have finished with each room.

As you come to larger objects decide what you would definitely like to keep and what can be thrown away, but remember that the things you might not need make for excellent donations to those that can use them and a garage sale might be in order to clear some of it away, which can help offset some of the costs you will incur when moving.

As the items in the first room become more and more clear with what you will do with them, make a list of what goes and what stays and then move on to the next room.

In kitchens the main sorting will take place in drawers as your dishes, silverware and other utensils will generally be making the journey with you from your San Diego home to your new one.

Clutter is everywhere and when you have children you will discover toys and discarded DVD cases, candy boxes, random puzzle pieces and any number of other "interesting at the time" possessions your children have collected. Make sure that you keep the things that are age appropriate and don't lose any keepsakes from years past, but do a thorough job when sorting your kid's room prior to a move.

After you have gone room to room, then plan your packing. You will be able to achieve a faster, more stream lined packing job since you do not have any sorting to do anymore and you will not be overwhelmed when the time comes to start your move.

No matter if you are moving across the street from your current San Diego home or you need long-distance movers to go to a completely different town the less clutter the better and some basic planning and preparation is all you need to get a head start today.

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